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Moonica Mac - Poppis Visa
John De Sohn, Andrelli, Rasmus Hagen - Wasted Love
GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR MUSIC Ingrid Witt - Artist Stories
Urban Cone - Something like love
Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory - Forgive Me Friend (Official Video)
RESILIENCE AND TENACITY Xavy Rusan - Artist Stories
MUSIC AS A THERAPY Pandaraps - Artist Stories
JENS HULT - Tiden för mig
TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY Gloria Tells - Artist Stories
Allysandra - Off Limits (Official Video)
OVERNIGHT SUCCESS Megan Wofford - Artist Stories
Brothers Among Wera - Mammoth (Official Video)
Amanda Fondell Crown part 1
Eric Saade - Girl from Sweden [Official Video]
Jens Hult - Om du vill ha mig (Officiell musikvideo)
Smith & Thell - Statue [The Pills Song] (Official Music Video)
Brothers Among Wera - All That We Don't Have (Live Session)
Urban Cone - Pumping Up Clouds (Rooftop Sessions)
Brothers Among Wera - Death In The Afternoon - Anti bullfighting Campaign
Jens Hult - Systra Mi (Live i ett vardagsrum)
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