We are two sisters, Alexandra and Silja-Marie, we make videos and we love what we do. 

As the kids these days, we know youtubechannels, instagramstories, facebook-ads and

all the new platforms you big companies wanna hang around. 


We started five years ago, just in time for this huge digital development. That has kept us busy

(day and night) trying to catch up with the fast changing  video production industry .

But nowadays, we would say that we know how it rules and that’s why we are succeeding. 


Our work spans from up-to-date video content for social media and classic TV commercial 

to creative music videos. A combination of high-end film and editing skills, strategic thinking 

and an immense passion for storytelling make us masters of our craft.  


We will either bring our ideas of how your company should tell your story with captivating lucidity or execute your existing idea beyond your expectation.


Let’s stop this talking and make videos instead.

Can’t wait to hear from you.