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How to create videos for social media

Have you never worked with film production and now want to start making simple videos for social media? Do you work in a marketing department and want to expand your knowledge of video production? Or are you just interested in learning more about the film process?

As we all know the digital video are increasing rapidly as the way of communicating online. We all do consume videos but more and more want to be able to produce videos - especially for the most popular channels like instagram, youtube and facebook. The video tools are many and available, but the basics are still needed to be learned. That’s why we want to share with you are greatest tips and an overview of how to be able to create great videos with limited prerequisites. 

We offer a course that focuses on the whole process of the video production, we do not focus on technological details, instead we go through preparation, choice of location, interviewing techniques, basic camera settings, film formats, use of existing natural lights, props, basic editing and publishing. If you do it right from the start then it will be easier to get good results.

We, behind this course are Alexandra and Silja-Marie Kentsdottir, the CO founders of Kentsdottir Art & Production. The past six years we’ve been creating all sorts of successful videos for social media, working with brands like; Odd Molly, Loreal, Prisjakt, Zoeagas, Primus, UN women, Systembolaget, Svenska Spel and Konsumentföreningen. We have always worked with the WHOLE and by our up-to-date experience and managing all the parts of the production, we can offer you the perfect guide to a basic way of creating simple, but great videos. 


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How to create videos for social media 1.0

20 februari 2019

How to create videos for social media 1.0

Studio i Bromma, adress xxx

2019-02-20 kl. 09:00-17:00


7995 kr (moms excluded)


Alexandra & Silja-Marie Kentsdottir



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